A curated trip to discover the world of Chinese

Upcoming Trip: July 8-20 (12 days)

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Embark on a guided adventure through China's Silicon Valley

Join a small group of founders and forward-thinking entrepreneurs and experience a 12-day trip through China's thriving tech ecosystem.

Travelling to China can be challenging. Unlock China removes the intimidation and boundaries around language barriers, connecting with tech companies, getting around, manufacturing relationships.

Attend RISEConf

With over 15,000 attendees from 100 countries, RISEConf is Asia's largest tech conference.

Explore the Tech Ecosystem

Experience China's tech startups, accelerators, manufacturers, and tech giants with exclusive tours.

Forget the Logistics

You do you. Let us worry about finding the key stakeholders you should meet.

A unique opportunity for a guided tour of the fastest-growing technology ecosystem in the world

We're going to China's
Greater Bay Area

Yes, that's actually what they're calling it. You'll also frequently hear it called The Pearl River Delta, which comprises Guandong Province, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Today, this part of the world is known as The Silicon Valley of China, with Shenzhen being one of China's four Tier-1 megacities (next to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou). It is the epicenter of technological advancement, infrastructure, startups, hardware, prototyping and manufacturing.

Who is Unlock China for?


Trying to get into hardware manufacturing and prototyping? Interested in doing business in China?

Innovation Teams

Working for an enterprise innovation team? Come get exposure to the a whole new world of innovation.


Work for a VC firm? Are you an angel investor? Stay ahead of the curb and learn about the latest technology trends in China.

Your ticket to invaluable insight and experience

Whether you're looking to get into hardware manufacturing, break into the Chinese market or simply learn about the technology being developed in one of the most innovative cities in the world, Unlock China is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

Can't commit 12 days? Interested in a custom trip? Email us and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs!

Summer 2019

Price $TBD
  • 12 Day Trip (July 8-20)
  • Ticket to RISEConf
  • Tech Company Tours and Events
  • Workshops on Prototyping and More
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About the Organizer

Izzy Piyale-Sheard

In his 2 years as the Community Manager for Lighthouse Labs, one of Canada's largest coding bootcamps, Izzy organized over 100 events across 4 Canadian cities and developed community in the Toronto tech ecosystem. These events included large demo days, workshops, info sessions, conferences and alumni events.

In addition, Izzy was the Trip Facilitator for Hacker Paradise, the world's first international remote work and travel community. In this role, Izzy built and integrated a rich community of 30-40 startup founders, developers and entrepreneurs into tech ecosystems across 7 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Portugal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone go on this trip?

Anyone who is looking to explore the Chinese tech ecosystem and are looking to immerse themselves and learn Mandarin is eligible for the program. Spaces are limited.

Will I need a visa?

If you are from Canada, the US, or Europe, you will most likely need a visa for China. We would recommend applying for a multiple entry visa

How long does it take to get a China visa?

It's possible in getting a visa rush delivered in as little as a week in certain conditions.

What is the cost?


Will I be able to use my credit card?

Foreign credit cards are often not accepted in Mainland China. We recommend you bring some cash, but preferably sign up to use WeChat. Unlock China will offer a service to transfer money to your WeChat wallet which you can use everywhere.

Where will we be visiting on the trip?

On this trip, we'll be attending RISEConf, Asia's largest technology conference in Hong Kong, as well as Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China.

Will some websites be blocked/inaccessible?

Although China does have numerous websites blocked including Google, Facebook and many others, you will have access to everything if you're using your foreign SIM card. We can also assist with purchasing a Hong Kong SIM card which allows for the same access.

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